Name: Dartay

Species: Rhodri god

Sex: Male

Caste: Dartay

Relatives: ---


Dartay is the god of the dead and in charge of leading souls to the afterlife. Souls of the dead are thought to know the future because of the belief that souls live with the gods who control future events. For this reason, Rhodris born in the Dartay caste are often psychics, fortune tellers, and mediums who communicate with the dead. However, because of their association with the dead, several Rhodris fear or avoid the Dartay, fearing their influence over dead spirits that could be capable of causing harm.

Both males and females within this caste are referred to by the title of Dartay, such as Dartay Hequnox.


Popular superstition ties Dartay and carrion birds, particularly crows. Dartay is said to wear a crow feather around his neck to symbolize this tie. To come across a crow's feather is often taken as an omen of impending death, for Dartay has already left his calling card. To hear a crow's cry is also an ill omen, forecasting death as well, but not always to the one who hears it.

A not-so-common twist on the crow's feather superstition is the belief that if one finds a crow feather facing you, then death is forthcoming, but if the feather is pointing away from you, it indicates having narrowly escaped it . . . at least for now.