Perym RiverEdit

Divides Ebona from Tyrysor.

Lake QualerEdit

Originally a sacred site for the Ko'drho, it was later claimed by Rhodris, who drove them out. The Ko'drho now use the smaller neighboring Sister Lakes.

Odeno IslandEdit

A site of conflict between Ebona and Narakan for centuries. Both countries lay claim to the island as theirs, but neither can oust the others' forces to claim supremacy. The island resources are abundent, making it especially desirable.

Important CitiesEdit

Few cities have formed in Ebona, with most settlements generally being on the village level.


Ebona was one of the later countries to be annexed as a colony of the Empire. Originally, the country was held together by a group of tribes that helped each other and helped protect their territory from outsiders. However, because of their lesser use of magic, they were easily conquered by the Empire, despite putting up a good fight. They deeply resent being controlled by "outsiders" and have been causing increasing amounts of unrest in recent years. There are rumors that there might even be a coup, and the Empire has sent as many soldiers as it can spare to keep the colony in check. Unfortunately, the Empire has stretched itself too thin and its contingent of soldiers may not be enough to prevent an imminent uprising.