Name: Groodun

Species: Rhodri god

Sex: Male

Caste: Groodun

Relatives: ---


Groodun is considered the god of sickness and disaster. All cases of bad luck, disease, and misfortune are blamed on this unhappy spirit. Rhodris in the Groodun caste are the most unfortunate, for they are only allowed to speak with, touch, or even look at those within the Groodun caste. These Rhodris are thought to bring misfortune in their wake, and looking at them is even an invitation for trouble. Often the Groodun ARE unhappy and diseased, but not necessarily because of their association with the god, but because healers and other Rhodris refuse to help or go near them, which in turn reinforces the belief that Groodun spread sickness and unhappiness.

A male within this caste is referred to by the title of Groodun, such as Groodun Braelenn. A female's title is Grooduna.

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