Ryfkin MountainsEdit

Divide Hagaldash and Agion.

Haeda RiverEdit

Originate in Ryfkin Mountains and stretch southwest to the ocean.

Lake YossEdit

Borders Hagaldash, Libevous, Kalura, and Indovor.

Eorva RiverEdit

Originates in the Horndell Mountains. Divides Tirivia from Agion and extends south to divide Hagaldash and Qaiqala.

Nilnal MountainsEdit

At the southern border of Hagaldash, partially separating it from Indovor and Manecot.

Important CitiesEdit


The largest city of Hagaldash. While it serves as a place of trade for many of the Hagaldashians, few Rhodris from other countries come there to trade unless it is a necessity. Because of their cooperation with the Empire's conquest, Banmore has a large concentration of Empire forces.


Hagaldash was one of the first countries to become part of the Rhodri Empire. However, unlike several of the countries, Hagaldash joined voluntarily rather than be conquered. As a result, many of its neighbors resent and are reluctant to trust anyone from Hagaldash. They see them as cowards at best, traitors at worst, for turning their own country over to a force that has been gradually taking over all of Aisling. The country's own reasoning for the surrender was fear of further bloodshed, particularly from being so close to the crux of the Empire, where retribution would be swift and ruthless.