The home of the Rhodri Empire.


Horndell MountainsEdit

Stretch across the north of Tirivia and divide it from Matera and Marron.

Bordae MountainsEdit

Cut Tirivia nearly in half, and are only easily passable through a few gaps in the mountains.

The RusthillsEdit

Separate Tirivia from Brundacas and Qaiqala.

The VoldraEdit

Originates in the Bordae Mountains and winds south through the Rhodri city. It extends south into the ocean and is an important source of fresh water as well as a way of shipping resources to Romuna in the south.

Eorva RiverEdit

Originates in the Horndell Mountains. Divides Tirivia from Agion and extends south to divide Hagaldash and Qaiqala.

Important CitiesEdit

Rhodri Capital (still needs a name)Edit

The Rhodri Capital is situated on the edge of Tirivia's grasslands, where the plains meet the forests. It also straddles the Voldra, providing a constant source of fresh water to the city's inhabitants.

This city is the seat of the Rhodri empire and houses the palace of the emperor. Most of the empire's central governing and decision making takes place in this city. This is also the largest city in the empire.


One of the major ports of the Rhodri empire. Boats and other traffic often flow south from the capital into Romuna, where goods are later transferred onto larger boats for shipping to nearby coastal countries. Similarly, many shipments from neighboring countries arrive here as well, unloading into carts and wagons.